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Admission WITHOUT funding: here’s how to get Supervisor’s consent

Getting a fully funded scholarship with accomodation and stipends is the dream for a lots of students. And getting such a scholarship in a western European or North American country should be enough to set anyone up for life.

But sometimes you can get admission for sure if you meet the minimum qualifications. However, scholarship decisions will be based on the available budget.

Departments/Schools usually have some assigned budgets for a particular semester. So, you will be competing with many other people who have been given admission already. Hence, the scholarship may not get to you.

This means that you have to either source for the money, get to the school and hustle, or look for agencies that can give you grants. Getting a grant is very tedious and almost impossible for international students.

However, there is a third option, getting a supervisor’s consent. Those that have gotten the supervisor’s consent may be on the list of his personal grants which may or may not be from the department. This means that even if you don’t get the school’s scholarship, a supervisor can still pay your tuition you from their grants.

So, if you have any admission without funding, these are your options:

a. Send email to the dept. to ask for possible funding options.

b. Look for a supervisor that will accept you (He/She may have gotten someone already)

c. Send your supervisor an email requesting for their personal grant.


Getting a fully funded scholarship as a dream, but sometimes you can get admission at an international university without funding. If this happens, you should reach out to your assigned supervisor who might grant you scholarship from his supervisor’s grant. It goes without saying you need an impressive CV to convince the supervisor in the email you send.

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