All you need to know about Opay

Opay is a payment service provider designed to be a fintech super app, meeting all your financial needs on one single interface. With only your mobile number and BVN you can register to have access to services like a digital wallet that can receive and send money to any bank account in Nigeria, bill payments, instant loans, investment opportunities, high yield savings amongst other financial services. 

Opay so far has over 40M registered users and 500,000 agents in its network that provide agent banking services in their local communities. With such a huge footprint, Opay is easily one of Nigeria’s largest financial services provider. 

What is the full meaning of OPay?

The full meaning of Opay is Opera Pay, from the stables of Opera Group. Opera Group has been operating in Nigeria since 2006 when it launched its mobile Web browser, Opera Mini. The browser has consistently remained one of the most popular in Nigeria with about 48% share of Internet users as at 2019. Opay was designed as a stand alone payment option to take advantage of this massive market share of Internet users and is so far one of the most successful products from the Opera Group.

Which bank owns Opay?

Opay is not owned by any bank in Nigeria, but rather it is a stand alone payments platform that has a digital wallet that can send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria. Opay is owned by Opera Group, the same company that owns the popular Opera Mini Web browser.

Is Opay registered with the CBN?

Yes, Opay is fully registered and regulated by the CBN as a digital bank with license to provide digital wallet services to Nigerians. All money deposit with Opay is further insured and protected by the NDIC.

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When is Opay anniversary?

Opay has been operating in Nigeria since 2018 and will celebrate its 5th year anniversary in October 2023. As at 2023, Opay is 5 years old and has attracted over 40M registered users within that time frame.

Can Opay receive money from abroad?

For Opay to receive money from abroad, the sender would have to send the money via WorldRemit. They should enter the recipient’s phone number and the naira equivalent of the money sent will be deposited in the recipient’s digital wallet. It takes 1-2 days to process international money transfers on Opay.

how many states in nigeria does opay have physical customer service offices

Opay has physical customer service offices in 8 states across Nigeria. It however, has partner locations in every state where customers can go and get customer care services. 

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