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Atlantic International University Review: Is AIU Accredited?

This university review of Atlantic International University aims to clarify some of the frequently asked questions about AIU including is the university accredited? where is AIU main campus located? and what happens to the certificate i obtain upon graduating from AIU?

Atlantic International University (AIU) is a private for-profit distance learning university based in Hawaii, USA. The online university offers undergraduate Bachelor’s degree programs, Masters and other graduate degrees including doctorates. It was founded in 1998 according to information on it’s website.

Tho the university operates completely online through distance learning, AIU has a physical office address located at Pioneer Plaza 900 Fort Street Mall 905 Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is Atlantic International University Accredited?

The short answer is no, AIU is not accredited by the United States government or any accreditation agency in America. AIU however claims that it maintains the highest standards of academic integrity and delivers quality education to its students.

What does University accreditation mean?

If a university has been accredited, it means it has passed the minimum standard set to deliver quality education to its students. It means it has been approved and is recognized by the government of the country in which it is based. Students and employers can be confident that graduates from such institutions have undergone all the minimum training required for them to be hired in their field, without university accreditation employers dont usually consider students from such universities!

What happens to the certificate I obtain from AIU?

Atlantic International University is not an accredited institution, that means the certificate obtained from its online program will not be eligible for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) if you are a Nigerian. The certificate will not be recognized for government jobs and programs and will most likely not be accepted by private employers too. The certificates and credits obtained from AIU will also not be eligible for other colleges and universities, it even warns on its website that if transferring credits to another institution is the main focus of your studies, be sure to confirm with them prior to beginning your studies at AIU.

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How do I know if a an International University is accredited or not?

Accreditation is a big deal, without it you degree might be useless and unusable. Fortunately, there is a way to determine if a university is accredited or not before you enroll.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation through its online portal provides a detailed list of accredited universities and colleges in America. The provide the name of the accreditation agency and list of courses every university has been accredited for. Be sure to confirm from their website about the status of any university before you enroll in any program either through physical classroom lectures or by online classes.

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