Top 7 cheapest private universities in Nigeria

Private universities in Nigeria provide an easy route out of the time-wasting associated with federal universities. Within the last decade to 2022, federal universities have been shut down for a combined 3 years due to Asuu strikes.

Private universities on the other hand provide a smooth academic calendar, lecturers there do not go on strikes as they are not funded by the government and students can be guaranteed of graduating when they are expected to.

But they can be very expensive, the government subsidizes education in Nigeria which is why tuition fees at most federal universities is usually less than 50k at the very maximum. Tuition fees at Nigerian private universities start from 200k and into the millions. If you still want to enjoy the uninterrupted calendar and other advantages private universities provide on a budget, here is a list of the top 7 cheapest universities in Nigeria to consider;

CrownHill University

  • School fees – 316k to 417k per year
  • Location – Ilorin, Kwara state

Founded in 2016, Crown Hill University is a private education institution that offers 15 NUC accredited courses including Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, and Biology.

The school fees at CrownHill starts at a modest 316k depending on your course of study, making it one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

Achievers University 

  • School fees – 400k to 1 million per year
  • Location – KM 1, Idasen/Uteh Road, Owo, Ondo State

Achievers University was initially conceived as a business venture to provide quality education to Nigerians at competitive price.

The university has been accredited by the NUC since 2007 and offers courses in College of Social And Management Sciences, College of Natural And Applied Sciences, College of Engineering And Technology, and College of Law.

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The college of law is the most expensive where fresh students are expected to pay up to 1 million naira.

Fountain University

  • School fees – 440k to 850k per year
  • Location – Osogbo, Osun State.

Fountain University is a faith-based school conceived by the Nasrul-Lahi-Il-Fatih Society  (NASFAT). The University offers multiple courses across 6 faculties with minimum fees starting at 440k per year.

Checkout Fountain University, Osogbo approved school fees for the 2023/24 session.

Al Hikmah university

  • School fees – 146k to 856k per year
  • Location – Ilorin, Kwara state.

Al Hikmah university is an Islamic private university located in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital. It is one of the most popular private universities with students in Nigeria due to its affordable fees and easy entry requirements.

Tuition fees to get a B.A in Arabic and Religious studies starts at just 146k per year. See full list of AL Hikmah school fees and hostel accommodation fees.

Lead City University, Ibadan 

  • School fees – 200k to 4.5 million per year
  • Location – Ibadan, Oyo State

Currently in its sixteenth academic session. Lead City University, Ibadan (LCU) is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It has graduated nine sets of students since it was founded in 2005.

Depending on your course of study, fresh students are expected to pay a school fees of between 200k per year to 4.5 million per year for medical students.

Greenfield University

  • School fees – 365k to 470k per year inclusive of accommodation.
  • Location – Nnamdi Azikiwe expressway Kaduna, Kaduna state.
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Greenfield University is a science and technology focused university affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. Through there partnership, students at Greenfield University will have access to the open courseware of MIT.

See full schedule of Greenfield University school fees.

University Offa

  • School fees – starting at 350k
  • location – Offa, Kwara state.

The University of Offa is a new private university located at Irra Road, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.

It is a fully accredited University and offers courses across three faculties. The University of Offa is currently accepting admission into all degree programs.


Which private university is the cheapest in Nigeria?

Al Hikmah University in Ilorin offers a B.A degree starting at just 140k per year, making it one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

Why should I attend a private university?

Most students attend private universities because the government owned federal universities in Nigeria often go on strike due to poor funding. Students who want to enjoy a stable calendar go to private universities. Private Universities also have easier entry requirements and are less competitive compared to federal universities.

Which private university in Nigeria offer nursing?

some of the private universities in Nigeria that offer nursing include Achievers University, Fountain University, Lead City University, Ibadan, Adeleke University amongst others.

Which private Universities in Nigeria offer medicine and surgery?

Medicine and surgery is one of the most prestigious courses offered at Nigerian Universities and only a handful of private institutions have the facilities to offer it. They include; Nile University, Lead City University, Babcock University, Baze University, Bowen University amongst others.

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