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How PalmPay Grew to 25 Million Users: The Secret to Africa’s Largest Fintech Platform

Africa-focused fintech platform, PalmPay, has announced that its payments ecosystem includes 25 million users, 500,000 mobile money agents, and 300,000 merchants. The company also says it processes over five billion dollars monthly.

In 2019, PalmPay launched in Nigeria to become Africa’s largest financial services platform after securing a $40 million seed round. After four years, Sofia Zab, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of PalmPay Global, credits the company’s expansion to its strategy of providing innovative fintech solutions that address the specific needs of the underserved population in Africa.

PalmPay’s user-friendly app streamlines digital transactions, makes them quick and convenient, and encourages customers to stop using cash and start using digital wallets. The company also provides banking services for businesses, equipping them with apps, web portals, and POS.

In addition to its user-friendly app and business banking services, PalmPay has also launched a savings service that includes a 20% annual interest savings plan for all users. This savings plan is one of the most competitive in the market, and it is likely to be a major factor in the company’s continued growth.

PalmPay’s proprietary payment infrastructure has also been instrumental in its success. This infrastructure provides unmatched dependability in a market that has long struggled with unstable financial systems.


PalmPay is a clear leader in the African fintech space. The company’s innovative solutions, user-friendly app, and reliable payment infrastructure have helped it to attract millions of users and process billions of dollars in transactions. With its continued growth, PalmPay is poised to become even more dominant in the years to come.

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