How to activate MyCaller and detect spam/scam calls

MyCaller Alert Service: A Pioneering Solution for Call Anxieties

MyCaller Alert Service is a groundbreaking caller identity solution tailored for African and emerging markets, addressing the persistent issues of scam calls, spam calls, and the overall anxiety that comes with receiving unwanted and unsolicited calls. This innovative product aims to provide individuals with a newfound sense of control over the calls they receive daily, alleviating the anxiety associated with each incoming call.

MyCaller has been meticulously engineered to function seamlessly without the need for internet connectivity, making it compatible with a wide range of phone types. This inclusivity bridges the technological gap prevalent in regions with a significant penetration of feature phones and limited access to broadband services. Consequently, MyCaller ensures that every phone user, regardless of their device type or internet accessibility, can effectively combat spam, scam, and unidentified callers.

Presently, MyCaller service is available exclusively on the Airtel Network as a Value-Added Service (VAS) subscription. Airtel subscribers can easily access this service by dialing the convenient short code *4552#. This partnership between Truthware Solutions Ltd and Iyconsoft Ltd has resulted in the creation of a service that promises to revolutionize the way millions of network subscribers in Nigeria experience and manage their calls.

Iyconsoft Ltd, based in Lagos, is a technology company with a strong focus on providing innovative software solutions and services to businesses across Africa and emerging markets. Notably, Iyconsoft owns the technology patent for Wireless Caller Identity Solution in Nigeria, showcasing their commitment to pioneering technological advancements in the country.

On the other hand, Truthware Solutions is an innovative company established to empower organizations by enhancing service delivery, promoting operational excellence, and facilitating digital transformation. The collaboration between these two forward-thinking entities is poised to reshape the experiences of network subscribers throughout Nigeria.

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Currently available on the Airtel Network nationwide, MyCaller services are set to expand to other networks in the near future. This expansion will extend the benefits of MyCaller’s caller identity solution to even more individuals, helping them regain control over their communication and reducing the anxieties associated with unsolicited calls.

In conclusion, MyCaller Alert Service represents a significant leap forward in addressing the challenges of scam calls, spam calls, and the unease caused by unwanted and unidentified callers. With its unique ability to function without the internet and compatibility with various phone types, it promises to empower individuals across Africa and emerging markets. As the service expands to other networks, it is poised to become an essential tool in the ongoing battle against unwanted calls and the anxiety they bring.

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