How to generate Zenith Bank Token Code in 2024 [e-token App]

In an era where digital apps offer both unprecedented convenience and unforeseen threats, securing our digital assets becomes paramount. Cyber threats are on the rise daily, making it essential to fortify our defenses. One effective way to enhance online banking security is by using a Zenith Bank Token Code. This small electronic device generates unique, time-sensitive One-Time Passwords (OTPs), providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Understanding Zenith Bank Token Code

The Zenith Bank Token Code, also known as the Zenith Token, acts as a security feature to bolster online banking transactions. This device generates time-sensitive codes required for authorizing specific transactions, particularly those involving funds transfer or sensitive operations on Zenith Bank’s online or mobile banking platforms. The dynamic and time-bound nature of the generated codes adds complexity, making it challenging for unauthorized individuals to access accounts and conduct fraudulent transactions.

Introducing Zenith e-Token App

Zenith Bank provides a digital alternative to the physical hardware token through the Zenith e-Token app. This mobile application serves as a secure method to generate One-Time Passwords for transaction authorization. Key features of the app include dynamic code generation, enhanced security through encryption, and user-friendly interfaces, offering a convenient and secure way to protect financial information.

Activating the Zenith e-Token App

To activate the Zenith e-Token app, users need the app itself, a hardware token, debit card, or a Quick Access (Bank Activation code). Additionally, there’s a ₦1500 activation fee. Activation methods vary for individuals and corporations, including hardware token, debit cards, or Quick Access. Users can download the e-token registration form if they lack a hardware token or ATM card.

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Generating Zenith Bank Token

Using Zenith e-Token App

  1. Download the Zenith e-Token App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Register as an individual or corporate.
  3. Choose the activation method (hardware token, debit card, or Quick Access code).
  4. Supply activation method details.
  5. Enter PIN and tap to generate OTP Token code.
  6. Use the generated token code to complete transactions.

Using USSD

  1. Dial *966# on your registered mobile number.
  2. Select options for PIN and Token Request.
  3. Generate PIN + Token or activate token.
  4. Follow prompts to complete the process.

Alternative Method: Zenith Bank Hardware Token

Users can also generate Zenith Bank tokens through a hardware token, available by visiting any Zenith branch and applying for it at the customer care section.

FAQs on Zenith Bank Token Code

  • Transfer Limits: Daily limits are set at N100,000 for individual accounts and N10 million for corporate accounts, adjustable upon request.
  • Cost of Zenith e-Token App: Activation fee is N1,500.
  • Locked Token: Visit the nearest branch or contact customer service for unlocking.
  • PIN + Token in Zenith Mobile App: Enter a 4-digit PIN and token number from the e-token app or hardware token.


Safeguarding your financial well-being requires an ongoing commitment. Generating Zenith Bank tokens isn’t merely procedural; it’s a proactive stance against cyber threats. By incorporating this additional layer of defense, you assert control over your financial journey and contribute to digital security. Embrace this step today, as tomorrow might be too late. Your financial safety is in your hands.

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