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How to Renew Your FPL Mini-Leagues From Last Season

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for the 2023/24 season is now live, and managers who are admins of their mini-leagues from last season can now renew their leagues and automatically add their friends when they join.

Last season, more than 11 million players played FPL from all over the world.

Mini leagues are an exciting way to enjoy the FPL as any player can create a league to compete against their friends. It offers an opportunity for fans of the game to display their knowledge for bragging rights or win some exciting rewards according to the rules of the private mini-league.

Steps to renew your FPL mini leagues from last season

Only league admins can renew a private league. If you are a part of a private league last season and would like it renewed ahead of the new season, you have to reach out to the league admin – the manager that created the league. Once the league has been renewed, all managers from last season will be automatically added when they register their teams for this season. After login in to FPL as an admin;

1 Click on “Pick Team” from the top menu.

2. scroll down to the Leagues & Cups section and click on “Create & Join Leagues”.

3. click on “Join a League & Cup”.

4. click on “Join Public league”

5. click “Join Classic League”

6. here there will be an option to join a public league or to renew your existing league from last season.

That’s it, your mini-league from last season has been renewed and all participants will be added automatically as they register to play the 2023/24 FPL.

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