How to use real-time translation on Google Pixel Buds Pro

Embark on a linguistic journey like never before with the Google Pixel Buds Pro, featuring an extraordinary real-time translation capability that takes communication to new heights. Bid farewell to language barriers and immerse yourself in a world where understanding foreign languages is as easy as putting on your earbuds.

The standout feature of the Google Pixel Buds Pro is the seamless integration of real-time translation, eliminating the need for a phone to comprehend languages. Now, you can effortlessly receive translations directly through your earbuds, courtesy of the innovative Google Translate App.

Picture this scenario: you find yourself in a foreign environment surrounded by a language unfamiliar to you. Fear not, as the real-time translation feature of the Pixel Buds Pro becomes your linguistic ally, providing instant translations directly into your ears. To unlock this incredible feature, all you require is a pair of Pixel Buds and either a Google Pixel phone or an Android device running OS 6.0 or higher.

Let’s delve into a step-by-step guide on how to unleash the power of real-time translation with your Pixel Buds Pro:

  1. Connect your Pixel Buds to your phone: Begin by establishing a seamless connection between your Pixel Buds and your compatible device.
  2. Activate voice command: Hold either earbud and say “Hey Google” to initiate the voice command feature. Proceed by requesting translations into your desired language, whether it’s “Help me speak German” or any other language you wish to be translated.
  3. Speak and translate: Hold the touch panel of your Bud and start speaking. Release the panel when you’re done to allow your words to be promptly translated into the chosen language.
  4. Translation from others: To understand what someone else is saying, press the microphone button when they speak. This instantaneously translates their statement into your preferred language, facilitating smooth and natural conversations.
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Immerse yourself in the world of effortless communication with Google Pixel Buds Pro’s real-time translation feature. Break down language barriers, connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and explore the full potential of seamless linguistic interaction. Elevate your communication experience – one translation at a time.


Google real-time translation introduced into the Pixel Buds is a great way to enable carrying out a seamless conversation, no matter the language barrier. This feature built into this Bud bridges the language barrier gap, easing communication between different country folks.

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