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Lumos loan app apk download, customer care number

Lumos loan app offers instant personal loans online up to 100,000NGN with minimum documentation. Pay interest starting from 15% only on the amount taken. Repay the borrowed amount in 1-3 months tenure.

Online loan apps provide short-term loans usually for salary earners or people who are expecting money within a short period of time. The loans are usually very expensive with high interest rate and short repayment period starting at just 7 days. For this reason, do not take an online loan to fund your lifestyle or business.

Features of Lumos loan app

• Purpose: The loan can be used for any purpose without any restrictions. It can be used for consolidation of debts, wedding expenses, travel, education expenses, medical emergencies, repairs & renovations to your home, and so on.

• The minimum quantum of loan is 1,000NGN and the maximum quantum of the loan is 100,000NGN.

• Multiple withdrawals can be made in multiples of 1,000NGN

• The minimum withdrawal should be 10,000NGN

• Tenure and EMI option can be chosen separately for each withdrawal.

• Interest:

• The rate of interest charged is between 15% p.a. to 32% p.a.

• The interest charged depends on the loan quantum, profile of the customer, tenure of the loan, and other factors.

• The interest charged varies from customer to customer.

• The interest will be charged only on the amount withdrawn.

• Repayment: The repayment period is flexible and ranges from 1 months to 3 months.

• Security: This is an unsecured loan and so no security is stipulated.

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• Processing charges: 2% of the loan amount.

How to Download APK and Apply for Lumos Loan

To apply for Lumos Personal Loan you have to follow a few simple steps that are given below:

• Install the Lumos mobile application on smartphone supported with android and complete the application. The app is available on Google Playstore.

• Fill in a few details.

• Upload the required documents.

• After review and verification of the application and documents, you get instant approval on the mobile app itself.


Is Lumos loan app legit?

Lumos loan is legit in that it gives short-term personal loans in Nigeria. Most loan apps in Nigeria are not registered or regulated by the CBN. you are responsible for your own safety when you interact with them. The app has a user rating of 3.2 stars among users on Google Playstore.

What are the eligibility criteria to avail the Lumos Personal Loan?

The following are the eligibility criteria to avail the Lumos Personal Loan:
The applicant should be in the age group of 15 years to 55 years
The applicant should have a minimum monthly income of NGN30,000
The applicant should be a Resident Nigerian and a taxpayer in Nigeria alone and not a taxpayer of any other country.
The KYC details have to be verified and confirmed.
Should either be a salaried individual with a work experience of a minimum of 6 months

Lumos loan app customer care number?

You can reach Lumos customer care via
Email at [email protected]
WhatsApp customer number: +234 9169173632

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