MTN Data Plans, Bundles, Prices & Subscription Code 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, access to the internet is indispensable for staying connected, obtaining information, and conducting business. With the increasing trend of remote work and virtual communication, having reliable and affordable data plans is more crucial than ever.

As a leading telecom company in Nigeria, MTN recognizes the significance of providing dependable data plans that cater to the diverse needs and budgets of its customers. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into MTN’s data plans for 2024, encompassing various bundles, prices, and subscription codes available to customers.

MTN Data Plans Overview

MTN offers a wide array of data plans tailored to meet different usage patterns and financial constraints. Whether you are a light user requiring occasional internet access or a heavy user indulging in streaming and downloading activities, MTN has a plan to suit your requirements. The available data plans include:

  1. Daily Plan
  2. Weekly Plan
  3. Monthly Plan
  4. Special Offers

Let’s explore each plan in detail:

1. Daily Data Plan

Ideal for users with minimal data usage or short-term requirements, MTN’s daily plans offer flexibility and affordability. To subscribe to a daily plan, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *312# with your MTN line.
  • Select option 1 for data plans.
  • Choose option 1 for daily plans.
  • Select your preferred daily plan from the available options:
  • N50 for 40MB
  • N100 for 350MB (IG/TIKTOK/Youtube)
  • N200 for 200MB (3 days)
  • N300 for 1GB
  • N500 for 2GB

For auto-renewal, enter “1”; for one-off purchase, enter “2”, and follow the prompts to confirm your transaction.

2. Weekly Data Plan

Designed for users needing data for a short duration but requiring more than daily plans, MTN’s weekly plans offer increased data allocations at reasonable prices. To subscribe to a weekly plan, follow these steps:

  • Dial *312# with your MTN line.
  • Select option 1 for data plans.
  • Choose option 2 for weekly plans.
  • Select your preferred weekly plan from the available options:
  • N300 for 350MB
  • N500 for 750MB (2 weeks’ plan)
  • N1000 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 6GB
  • N500 for 1GB
  • N50 for WhatsApp weekly
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Follow the prompts for auto-renewal or one-off purchase and confirm your transaction.

3. Monthly Data Plan

Catering to heavy data users or those requiring data for an extended period, MTN’s monthly plans provide ample data allowances at competitive prices. To subscribe to a monthly plan, follow these steps:

  • Dial *312# with your MTN line.
  • Select option 1 for data plans.
  • Choose option 3 for monthly plans.
  • Select your preferred monthly plan from the available options:
  • N1000 for 1.5GB
  • N1200 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 3GB
  • N2000 for 4.5GB
  • N2500 for 6GB
  • N3500 for 12GB
  • N5000 for 20GB
  • N6000 for 25GB

Follow the prompts for auto-renewal or one-off purchase and confirm your transaction.

4. Special Data Plans

In addition to standard plans, MTN offers special data plans tailored to specific needs. Examples include:

  • Social media plan: Unlimited access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for N25 per day or N50 for a week.
  • YouTube plan: 1 hour of streaming for N150 or 3 hours of streaming for N400.

To subscribe to these special plans, dial 3122# and follow the prompts.

Additionally, MTN provides Hot Deals with personalized offers for users. To check your Hot Deals, dial *121# or *312*8#.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. MTN 25GB Data Bundle Code: Dial *312# or access via MYMTN App at N6,000 price.
  2. MTN 10GB Data Plan Code and Price: Text “107” to 312; N3,400 for 30 days.
  3. MTN Data Subscription Code: Dial 3121# to subscribe to any MTN data bundle.
  4. MTN Unlimited Data Bundles: Available with various plans ranging from bronze to platinum.
  5. How to Buy Data on MTN: Dial *312# and select your desired data bundle.
  6. How to Get MTN Unlimited Bundle: Dial 1381# and choose your preferred bundle.
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MTN’s data plans for 2024 offer a diverse range of options to accommodate varying needs and budgets. With user-friendly subscription processes, flexible payment methods, and exceptional customer support, MTN continues to deliver quality telecommunication services to its Nigerian customers.

To subscribe to any of MTN’s data plans, dial the appropriate subscription code on your MTN line and follow the prompts. Stay connected, informed, and ahead with MTN. For further assistance, contact MTN customer care at “180” for prompt solutions to your queries.

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