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OxLoan App Review: APK Download, Customer Care Number

With only your BVN and phones number, you can get a personal loan of upto 100k. Oxloan is a Nigerian lending platform offering collateral-free instant loans for short-term emergencies. This review provides insights into the app’s features, pros, cons, customer care, and more.


Oxloan provides short-term loans with a minimum repayment period of 7 days. Ideal for emergencies, applicants need a BVN, a good credit score, and a stable income source.


1. 100% online process, 24×7 loan access.
2. Automated reviews and swift disbursement.
3. High initial loan amounts with extended tenures.
4. No additional fees and secure personal information.
5. Unsuccessful applications incur no charges.


1. High interest rates.
2. Short repayment period (7 days).
3. Potential delays in loan disbursement.
4. Complex loan repayment process.

oxloan Customer Care

e-mail us at [email protected]
Message us on WhatsApp:+234 9115270475
Address: Ososa St, Oworosoki 105102, Lagos, Nigeria

Oxloan apk download

1. Download oxloan from Google Play Store.
2. Register and select desired product.
3. Fill out the application and submit.
4. Verification call may follow submission.
5. Receive approval notification via SMS.
6. Consent to the loan agreement.
7. Disbursement and confirmation via SMS.

Is oxloan Loan app Legit?

Oxloan is legitimate, boasting a 3.3-star rating on Google Play Store. A functioning customer care number and user reviews validate its authenticity.

Loan Products:

1.Loan Term: 91 – 365 days
2.Interest rate: 16% -30% APR
3. Loan Amount: ₦ 3000 – ₦ 300,000
4. Service Fee: 0
Example Interest calculation:
Lending amount is ₦3,000 And the interest rate is 3.4% with loan term 92 days. on the due date, the amount payable is ₦3102 = ₦3000(loan amount) + ₦102 (interest) + ₦0 (service fee)

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Note: Actual interest rates may be higher, especially for first-time borrowers. Repaying loans promptly can lead to a lower interest rate.


Oxloan provides a viable lending option with its online, collateral-free approach. Contact their customer care for assistance, and consider user reviews to gauge the app’s reliability. Always be aware of the potential costs associated with short-term loans.

OxLoan Pro is a duly licensed bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria,and many Nigerians choose to use online loan apps,Easy&quick approval no collateral,borrow money online anytime and anywhere. OxLoan Pro allows you to enjoy safe and efficient online credit.

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