Philip’s Adepoju’s Unconventional Path: Redefining Entrepreneurship as a 3-Year-Old Founder at Kiakia Africa

In a world burdened by adult responsibilities, one visionary finds solace in embracing his inner child.

In a bold departure from conventional norms, the 23-year-old co-founder of Kiakia Africa, Philip’s Adepoju, has embarked on an unconventional journey that challenges age-related expectations and societal conventions. Fueled by the challenging landscape of entrepreneurship and the difficulties of securing venture capital, he has made a groundbreaking decision: to identify as a 3-year-old founder.

In a world where the weight of adulthood often stifles the dreams and ambitions of many, trapping them in a cycle of responsibilities and burdens, our daring protagonist has chosen a less traveled path, aiming to break free from the constraints of conventional thinking.

During our conversation with Philip’s Adepoju, the Co-founder and CEO of Kiakia, he shared that the harsh economic realities have not been kind, casting shadows of uncertainty on the aspirations of entrepreneurs. However, he firmly believes that his unwavering spirit and innovative vision have given birth to a solution that not only promises to transform his own life but also revolutionize the last-mile delivery industry as a whole.

By assuming the identity of a 3-year-old co-founder, he seeks to escape the burdens of adulthood and rediscover the boundless innocence and untapped potential that resides within each of us. This audacious move is driven by the belief that by shedding the constraints of his actual age, he can unlock a wellspring of creativity that will propel Kiakia to rapid growth and success.

Kiakia, an innovative last-mile delivery startup co-founded by CTO Adewale Sulaiman, perfectly embodies the courageous spirit of its founder. Much like a child’s curiosity knows no bounds, Kiakia aims to connect individuals, businesses, and institutions with nearby vetted delivery agents of all vehicle sizes, harnessing technological advancements.

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Since its launch in October 2022, Kiakia has completed over 100,000 successful deliveries within Lagos state, poised to redefine the last-mile delivery infrastructure deficit in the industry. They achieve this through a range of technological products, such as the Kiakia Magic App, which connects individuals and businesses with nearby vetted local delivery agents. Additionally, their Fleet Management platform serves small and medium-scale delivery fleet owners, and the Kiakia Pilot platform supports delivery agents working on their own schedules to earn a living by delivering parcels. Kiakia also provides APIs and Web Plugins for added convenience.

However, Kiakia’s mission goes beyond mere convenience and efficiency. It’s about injecting joy and wonder into the everyday. Through Kiakia, Philip’s hopes to infuse the last-mile delivery process with a touch of magic, transforming the mundane into a delightful experience filled with transparency, anticipation, and delight.

Philip’s visionary decision to identify as a 3-year-old founder is not a mere whim; it’s a profound statement about the power of reimagining ourselves and our place in the world. It challenges societal norms that limit us to predefined roles, encouraging us to break free and forge unconventional paths.

In a world hungry for fresh perspectives and bold ideas, Philip’s decision kindles a spark of hope. It challenges us to question the boundaries we’ve imposed on ourselves and prompts us to tap into the reservoir of creativity that lies within each of us.

As we join the remarkable journey of the 3-year-old founder of Kiakia, let us suspend judgment and embrace the power of vivid imagination. Let us celebrate the audacity to dream, redefine our identities, and reshape the world around us.

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For it is in the innocence of a child that the potential to change the course of history lies, and in the audacious pursuit of a dream, the birth of a revolution begins.

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