To U Loan App is a Scam: Avoid Them

There is a loan app known as To U loan app on Google play store, this is a fraudulent app used by scammers to defraud unsuspecting victims.

The app is advertised just like other online loan apps, but this app does not give any loans, rather it is used to defraud the unsuspecting users.

Here is how the scam works, the developers behind the app run ads to get there app in front of as many people as possible. Ones they get their potential victims to download the app, they will be asked to fill out their usual KYC information like name address and BVN number to check their credit record. Most legit loan apps request for similar information as well.

Then, they will be offered some high loan amount like NGN 300,000 but asked to pay an upfront token processing fee like NGN 5,000 to have their loans disbursed. This is the scam, once you made this payment the app will start to redirect you to the adverts of other loan providers.

Legit loan apps don’t ask for upfront payment, and short term loan apps that give unsecured loans do not give promise high loan amounts especially to first time borrowers. If a loan app is promising to give you NGN50k the first time you are using their app, that might be a sign that the app is not legit.

What other victims are saying about To U loan app

Kunle Adedeji wrote, “This app is simply a scam. They asked for security payment of N4,650 after confirming that a loan of 300k has been approved. They refused to disburse after the payment of the security payment. I have sent several emails to them without response. The app should not be on play store at all.”

stanley Nwaizu wrote, “Please my good people you should run from this app, it’s a scam, they will get you to pay some money before loaning you the requested amount, i paid the sum of 4550, up till now reponse, i will make sure that account details will be flagged, i won’t let this fly, i must see to the end, qnd make sure these criminals are brought to book.”

Sarafa Adekunle wrote, “This app is a big scam. They asked for security fee of # 5,499 and after making the payment they acknowledge receipt and an email will be sent stating that “it takes up to 3 or 5 working days to check your credit record and after that you will not hear from them again. I still have a prove of payment. This app must be remove from playstore before they tarnish your image.”

How to detect a fake loan app

  1. Loan apps asking for KYC information including your BVN and asking you to bind your ATM card to your account is normal, but when an app is asking you to make upfront payments or pay for processing fee, such an app is most likely a scam.
  2. Always read other customer’s review on play store or read reviews on websites like this before downloading any loan app.
  3. If an app does not have a contact phone number, or the phone number is not functional, that is a redflag.
  4. Pay attention to fake reviews on Google playstore, most of this apps pay spammers to write reviews for them. Most of the reviews will be from foreign accounts and will mostly give the app a five star without any reasonable comment.
  5. Dont part with money for what ever reason before getting your loan.
  6. there are a lots of loan sharks operating without regulation in Nigeria, know that Playstore does not rigorously verify this apps, it is up to you to do your research before doing business with them.


Is To U loan app legit?

No, To U loan app is a fraudulent app that will ask you to make an upfront payment to get a loan, ones you make the payment the app will ask you to wait 5 days for processing but you wont get any loan disbursed to your account.

What is To U loan customer care number?

Because the app is not legit, To U loan does not have a customer care number. You can try sending a message to this developer email address,

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