Top 10 highest-paid jobs in Nigeria

Everybody wants a job that pays them well enough to meet all their financial obligations. Barring people in creative industries such as actors and footballers that get compensated with ridiculous amounts of money, the rest of society need to make a conscious decision on the carrier path they choose.

Professionals are people who work in a field they have been trained for. Usually, they receive their training in a university over a period of time.

Here are the 10 ten highest-paying career paths that anyone can go to school to get a training for in Nigeria today. With a little bit of luck and dedication, these career paths can be rewarding for those that choose them.

1. Surgeons

Surgeons are highly paid not just in Nigeria but globally and this is due to the critical nature of their work. A surgeon’s line of work is a high risk, and any error could result in a fatality. Consequently, extensive knowledge is needed for this profession which includes completing medical school, which could take fifteen years or more, in order to become a specialized surgeon.  

Surgeons perform operations to fix problems in the human internal organs. Most surgeons in Nigeria are employed in government-run hospitals as they are they only ones with enough resources to afford their salaries. A surgeon’s salary starts from between N630,000 to N2,500,000 per month. 

2. Pilots

Being a pilot is always among the top fantasies of every Nigerian child. Pilots control and fly a variety of aircraft, including passenger, cargo, and helicopter planes. In addition to flying long distances, pilots are paid fairly well because passengers’ lives and safety are in their hands. 

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To become a pilot, one must apply for admission to any recognized aviation school of your choice, which could take about four years to complete. Pilot’s training is usually very expensive costing millions of naira in tuition fees per year.

The starting pay for entry-level pilots ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 monthly. Captains earn about N500,000 to N3,000,000 monthly.

3. Medical Doctor

Doctors are some of the most important professionals in any society. Because the field is so vast, most doctors specialize in one aspect such as Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Neurology and other medical specialties.

In order to qualify as a doctor, one must complete a six-year course at any recognized university and obtain the necessary post graduate medical certification.

The salary range for most doctors in Nigeria starts From N300,000 to N1,500,000 monthly. Because of their importance, doctors have the easiest route to migrate abroad.

4. Sailor

Sailors are the people responsible for the administration of the big sea-going vessels you see on the oceans. Global trade relies on them to move goods from one country to the other. They transport oil, food and just about anything that needs to move on the sea from one country to the other. They also transport tourists on cruise ships.

To become a sailor, one would need to apply to the Maritime Academy of Nigeria or any of the country’s accredited private maritime academies.

Sailors in Nigeria earn between N220,000 to N1,400,000 every month.

5. Lawyers

A successful and experienced lawyer can help you avoid the death penalty, fines and other forms of sentence by the court of law. This is why experienced and competent lawyers are well compensated.

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But the highest-paid lawyers in Nigeria don’t make their money from criminal cases, they make the big bucks arguing on behalf of corporate organizations and politicians in court.

Salary range of most intern lawyers in Nigeria starts from N150,000 to N1,330,000 per month. 

 6. Petroleum Engineer

Nigeria is an oil-rich country, and petroleum engineers are the people responsible for extracting that wealth.

To become a Petroleum Engineer, you must complete a five-year course and obtain the necessary certification at any approved institution in Nigeria.

The salary range in this career starts From N200,000 to N1,000,000 per month.

7. Military Officer

Military officers put their lives on the line to defend the country every day; for that, they are well compensated by the government.

The starting salary for military officers in the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air-force is between N500,000 to N1,700,000 monthly. This salary is for officers who have completed a B.Sc. or its equivalent.

8. Software Engineer

A career in Software engineering is rewarding because it is high in demand due to the use of Technology globally. This is one career that one does not need a university degree to venture into. You can become a software engineer by watching online courses and obtaining all the relevant qualifications online.

9. Chartered Accountant

Accountants are charged with the task of handling financial accounts and are employed by virtually any company including government agencies. To become a Chartered Accountant, you have to obtain a degree in Accounting or a related course, then obtain a professional certificate from ACCS, CIMA, ICAN, or other professional organizations. This will put you on the pedestal for a successful career. 

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Chartered Accountants in Nigeria earn between N150,000 to N1,550,000 monthly. 

10 . Banker

Banks are able to make lots of money by investing their customers’ money. They in turn reward their top employees handsomely.

The starting salary range for bank recruits in Nigeria is From N150,000 to N1,450,000 monthly. 

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