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Who is Dorcas Adeyinka, The Blogger Nigerian Police Declared Wanted?

One UK-based blogger who the Nigeria Police Force has declared wanted in connection with a case of cyberstalking, abduction, and murder has responded.

On Sunday, May 12, the Nigerian Police declared Dorcas Adeyinka wanted.

A poster shared by the Nigeria Police Force on their official account also alleges that the blogger is wanted in connection with injurious falsehood, threats to life, and extortion.

The poster from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Monitoring Unit instructs anyone who sees her to arrest her and take her to the nearest police station.

“A handsome reward awaits any person(s) with information leading to her arrest,” the police said.

“I won’t be intimidated! My humanitarian work annoys my enemies,” Ms. Adeyinka said.

The popular UK blogger and self-proclaimed philanthropist, who also holds the traditional title of Aare Tayese of Owode-Otta in Ogun State, has responded to the Nigerian Police’s declaration.

Ms. Adeyinka, in a Facebook post, said, “When you are innocent, you have nothing to worry about.

Am I the only one accused of all this? We can do more than this on this earth.

Did you do your research before announcing that you are looking for me? I don’t always show up if you invite me?” Ms. Adeyinka asked the Nigerian police.

She said all this is happening because of issues she has with some people on social media.

She added that people who wrote fake petitions against her have done worse things to her on social media, alleging that they even shared details about her private life online.

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She said the reason they are coming after her is because of her humanitarian work.

Ms. Adeyinka’s lawyer has also dismissed the allegations against her, saying she is a “law-abiding citizen” who has been “unfairly targeted.”

Pelumi Olajengbesi said the allegations boil down to a “social media altercation” between Ms. Adeyinka and some other individuals.

He said Ms. Adeyinka was the first to report the matter to the police, “only to face further harassment and attempts to silence her.”

He added that his client has never “shunned” the police and has “initiated contact with the appropriate channels.”

Who is Dorcas Adeyinka?

40-year-old Dorcas Adeyinka is a Nigerian-born British citizen.

According to her Facebook profile, Ms. Adeyinka is an entrepreneur who gained popularity through her business. She is a social media influencer and philanthropist.

She runs a blog called TMS blog.

She hails from Ekiti State.

Ms. Adeyinka left Nigeria for the UK at the age of 7. She attended primary, secondary, and university there and obtained a degree in Law from the University of East London.

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