Lifestyle review: Adult dating website in Nigeria is a Nigerian adult dating service that allows men and women to advertise any sex-related service they are offering.

The website links working girls and boys to potential clients. It’s like going on a date but without all the hassle of trying to woo your date or eat right or say the right things, just negotiate the price and you both will be having sex in your room in no time.

On Codedruns, all sexual fantasies can be achieved. From threesomes to dominatrix to gay sex, you only need to search and there will be a category that meets all your sexual fantasies in your city.

How does Codedruns works?

Codedruns is an online forum where anyone over the age of 18 can register to offer services. Potential clients don’t need to register, they can simply scroll through the catalogue of working girls in their city. Most profiles have pictures, phone number and some description of the girls. Simply call the number or chat the girls up on WhatsApp to set up a meet.

Working girls who wish to advertise their service on the website can register a profile for free. All you need is your email and a few details about yourself. You also need to verify your profile by taking a picture of yourself with your profile name, the picture will not be made public after verification.

Girls who want their profile to be shown first to visitors can upgrade to premium for a monthly fee of #8,000. Your profile will be shown first to visitors, giving you a much higher chance to land clients than the competition.

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Is CodedRuns legit?

Yes, Codedruns is a legit adult dating website in Nigeria that can be used to meet like-minded people and fulfil all your sexual fantasies. You still have to be careful of a few bad eggs that might want to scam people by demanding for money before meeting. Most of the phone numbers on the website are legit, you can ask for more pictures and video call if you’re not sure before meeting.

How to register on

  • Go to the website at
  • Click on register to create a profile
  • Provide a few details about yourself including your active email address.
  • A verification link will be sent to that email address, once you verify your profile will be created.
  • You will need to take a verification selfie with your Username before your profile can be published.

Is Codedruns free to use?

Yes, Codedruns is free to use to pick up sex mates. Potential clients don’t have to register, they can just scroll through the profiles and pick the number of girls they fancy. Working girls too can register for free, they can however upgrade to premium to be shown first to all visitors.

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