Does Palmpay have ATM Card? How to get Palmpay Debit ATM Card

In a world where digital transactions dominate, Palmpay stands out by offering its users the convenience of an ATM card. If you’re wondering, “Does Palmpay have an ATM card?” the answer is a resounding yes. This article will guide you through the process of acquiring a Palmpay debit card and provide insights on its usage.

Palmpay ATM Card Benefits

Palmpay’s ATM cards empower users to make secure and hassle-free withdrawals from ATMs and POS centers directly using the funds in their Palmpay wallet. As a Palmpay user, you automatically qualify for a debit card upon registration, which also provides you with an account number for receiving funds from any bank.

Activation Process:
Before diving into the benefits, it’s essential to understand that setting a security PIN and activating the Palmpay ATM card are prerequisites for usage. This post will walk you through the necessary steps.

How to Obtain Your Palmpay ATM Card

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account
The initial step involves registering as a Palmpay customer. If you haven’t already, install the Palmpay app from Google Play, sign up, and gain access to the world of Palmpay services.

Step 2: Perform Transactions
To qualify for a Palmpay ATM card, engage in transactions using your Palmpay account. Successful transactions pave the way for your next steps.

Step 3: Request Your Card
Once eligible, an option to request your Palmpay debit card will appear in your account. You can conveniently make this request within the app.

Alternative Step 4: Contact Customer Care
For a swift process, reach out to Palmpay Customer Care. They can guide you through the steps and provide assistance in obtaining your Palmpay ATM card.

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Palmpay Account Number

Obtaining your Palmpay account number is straightforward. Upon registration with your phone number, it automatically becomes your account number. For instance, if your phone number is 08020202020, your Palmpay account number would be 8020202020, excluding the first digit.

Palmpay ATM Card Details

Palmpay’s ATM card mirrors traditional debit cards, featuring 16 digits, an expiry date, and a 3-digit CVV number. These details are crucial for online transactions, enhancing the card’s versatility.


In conclusion, acquiring a Palmpay ATM card is a straightforward process that adds a layer of convenience to your digital transactions. Follow the outlined steps to request your debit card and account number. For any further queries, feel free to reach out for assistance. Unlock the full potential of Palmpay’s services with your ATM card today.

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