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Flypay Pro Loan App – Apk download

Unlock quick and convenient personal loans up to NGN300,000 in Nigeria with the Flypay app, your go-to instant online loan solution. Boasting an attractive interest rate starting at 4% per month (equivalent to 24% to 56% per annum), and flexible repayment tenures spanning 3 to 6 months, flypay simplifies the borrowing experience. Apply seamlessly through the flypay mobile app, and experience a digitized process that puts funds in your hands within minutes. Explore hassle-free loans with Flypay today!

Flypay Pro Loan App rates

Flypay offers attractive interest rates for personal loans. Moreover, there is no hidden fee or charge. Here is a list of applicable details of flypay loan.

Loan amountfrom NGN 5,000 to NGN 600,000
Interest rates10% to 20% monthly
Credit historyNot required
Age eligibility18 – 60 years old
Customer care number018871456

Why Choose Flypay Instant Loans?

  • No Collateral Required:- One of the major benefits of personal loans is that it’s unsecured. This means that applicants can have an instant loan even when they don’t have any collateral to provide against the borrowing.
  • Accessible Online:- Flypay facilitates borrowers to apply for an instant loan from anywhere at any time.
  • Easy application and documentation:- Applying for an Personal loan with flypay is quite simple and fast. Documentation process is end-to-end online and can be completed in just couple of seconds. 
  • Track Loan Status Online:- Once an applicant has applied for an instant loan can track the status of loan application anytime from anywhere with the help of the flypay online application process. All the information regarding the loan application such as the tenure, interest and many more can be fetched.
  • Quick Processing:- flypay instant loan processing is really fast, thus saves a lot of time for the applicants.
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Features and benefits of flypay pro Instant Loans

  • High Approval Rate:- Flypay loan application approval rate is over 85%. It has been able to serve the larger sector of the people than that of banks because of the big data analytics engine and better ability to understand the customer profiles, their need, intent, and ability to repay the loan amount.
  • Low Rate of Interest:- flypay rate of interest on instant loan as low as 11.49% per month. Not much different than the banks? Well, here’s the catch, there are zero hidden charges. Pay the small processing fees plus there no charges for the pre-closure so you can close the loan before the specified loan tenure for pre-closure so you can close the loan before the loan tenure without any extra fees.
  • Pan Nigeria Coverage:- Flypay operates in every city in Nigeria.
  • Convenience:- This is among the major reasons why people have started inclining towards the Lendbox instant loans. You can apply for an instant loan while sitting at home. The digital loan application through the website or mobile app, helps save a lot of time and reduce a good deal of effort. 
  • Minimal documentation:- Since the entire application process for flypay instant loan is done online, you have the convenience to upload the required documents. It saves a lot of valuable time, and paper as well. 

Flypay loan Eligibility Criteria

An applicant needs to fulfil the following criteria to get a personal loan through Flypay:

  • Should be a Nigerian resident
  • Should be aged between 18 years and 60 years
  • Should have a regular source of income
  • Should have a bank account

How to Download APK and get a loan from Flypay Loan app

  • Download the Flypay Pro Loan App exclusively available on the Google Playstore and install it on your Android phone.
  • Register an account with your phone number.
  • Preferably the phone number connected to your BVN as a one-time password will be sent to it for verification.
  • Fill in your basic know-your-customer KYC information, including your residential address, next of kin, and employment details
  • You will also be required to provide your Biometric verification number BVN.
  • You’ll be charged N30 to bind your ATM card to your account to increase your chances and getting a higher loan amount.
  • A one-time password OTP will be sent to your phone to confirm your details.
  • After the submission of your loan application, the software will analyze your credit score and the final result will be shown in the APP.
  • The result should be displayed in less than two minutes and if you qualify for a loan, the loan amount will be disbursed into the bank account directly.
  • Make sure you’re using a good phone with enough memory space as you will be required to take a clear live selfie for identity.
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Note that binding your ATM card with N30 does not guarantee that you will get a loan, you still have to pass the credit score check.

The N30 charged to bind your ATM card to your account is refundable, but can take anywhere from 7 to 12 business days for the money to be refunded back to your bank account.

Your BVN is linked to your credit score, so if you have an outstanding loan with other lenders or didn’t pay other lenders as at when due, expect your application to be rejected.

Your credit score is a record of your previous borrowings, how early or late you make your payments, cash transactions going in and out of your bank account among other information.

When you download this app you have to consent to it to get access to your phone book contacts that will serve as your guarantors, SMS to see your banking transaction records, apps on your phone to see how you use other loan apps and other details it uses to build your credit score.

Flypay Instant Loans Customer Care

Phone number: 018871456 Privacy Policy:
Email:[email protected]


Is Flypay loans legit?

Flypay Pro loan app is legit and gives micro loans to a maximum amount of N100,000 to customers, but has really high interest rates and bugs that prevents smooth registration. caution should be taken before taking any online loan. Always read other customer’s reviews before you apply for a loan in Nigeria.
You should know that these loan apps are not registered or regulated by the CBN or any government agency in Nigeria. You are responsible for the security of your transactions with them and there is no way to seek redress for poor customer service.
Also its availability on Google play store does not make transactions performed on it secure. The play store merely provides an avenue for download, you are responsible for your own security while using loan apps in Nigeria.
Because there is no regulations in Nigeria, most of these apps are loan sharks who might threaten to send messages to your family members calling you a scammer if you default on your repayment. It is best to avoid these apps if you have other options.

What are the rate of interest on Flypay instant loan?

Rate of interest depends various factors like the credit score, income, repayment history and many other.

Why was my loan application rejected?

If you have outstanding loans with other lenders, you have to pay back all your loans before applying with Flypay pro loan app.

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