Geegpay Bank Review 2023: International payment solution for Africans

Geegpay is a payment service solution that allows African freelancers and entrepreneurs to create virtual American bank accounts to receive payments from abroad. Freelancers can use Geegpay to convert their USD, GBP, and EUR to local currencies such as Nigerian Naira (NGN), Ghanaian Cedis (GHS), Kenyan Shilling (KES), Egyptian Pound (EGP), South African Rand (ZAR), and Rwandan franc (RF).

Geegpay Offerings

Geegpay offers African online workers the opportunity to create USD, GBP, and EUR virtual bank accounts for faster payments for their work. They can automate their employer billing through a smart invoicing, and build their credit score while spending with Geegpay virtual card.

African entrepreneurs who often find it difficult to receive international payments in their home country can use Geegpay to bridge that gap. Platforms like Paypal, Fiverr, Upwork can easily be connected to your account to receive payments and convert your money to your local currency.

Other services Geegpay offers

Geegpay offers a number of financial services for personal customers and business owners, including: 

  • Open a US Dollar, Great Britain Pounds, and European Euro bank account in your name in less than 5 minutes.
    – Get paid by global clients and businesses within minutes like a local
    – Convert at market-leading, real-time rates in multiple currencies with zero fees.
    – Save money in international currencies.
  • Create USD virtual cards that work across millions of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, Netflix, Zoom, Apple Music, AWS, Ali Express, and much more.
    – Set spending limits, and terminate or freeze your card without stress.
    – Travel globally and spend effortlessly with your card with no hidden fees.
  • Create crystal-clear professional invoices with just a few clicks and get paid in minutes.
    – Select from a wide range of payment options such as bank transfer, Paypal, Wise, card, and many more.
    – Easily automate the billing of your employers and clients while you focus on your work.
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Pros and cons of Geegpay

If you’re considering banking with Geegpay, here are a few of the major perks and drawbacks to note:

Virtual international bank accounts with your local verification documents: simply create an account within minutes and start receiving payments.Difficulty in verifying your details: some customers have complained that they are having difficulty verifying their accounts and the problem is taking weeks to solve.
Competitive conversion rates to your local currency.You cannot withdraw to a local domiciliary account, only in local currency.

What other customers are saying about Geegpay

Faith Ikhidero wrote, “Verification issues has become predominant with Geepay. I’ve had to verify my account three different times. My account was working fine and from nowhere, I received an email telling me my verification was completed successfully. Since then, I was blocked from doing anything with my account because they’re asking me to verify my already verified account… Just annoying.”

Kennedy Osagie wrote, “Geegpay has been my partner in progress as a freelancer. I tried other solutions before settling for Geegpay,and that has been the best decision ever! Onboarding is easy and straightforward, and payment processing is on point. You can literally have your money right beside your computer without having to move an inch. Geegpay charges are quite competitive, better than any other option I tried and quite transparent, too. I am certainly happy to recommend Geegpay to everyone seeking this service.”

Martins Richard wrote “Problematic. It’s either the app has a ton of problems or the support clearly doesn’t know what to do. I have been encountering the same Verification problem for the longest of times, complained to support and they were telling me it works well. Fgs after smiling by force, I should get a screen to upload details of my ID card, but that doesn’t work.”

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Geegpay Customer Support Number

Help Articles:
Support Email: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

How long does Geegpay verification take?

Geegpay virtual account verification is usually instant, but can sometimes take 1-2 business days. Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays are not included.

How long does it take for a transfer to reflect in my Virtual Account?

It takes 1 – 2 business days for Geegpay to process transfers. This also depends  on the payment method used by the sender.

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