I Am Nazzy: Nollywood movie review and film summary

In I am Nazzy, a sassy village girl who works as a supermarket attendant had her life switched with her rich and famous doppelganger. Of course, what could go wrong when a rich girl suddenly wakes up poor just for the thrill of it and in her place, a poor girl wakes up in luxury with maids serving her breakfast in bed, and driver and paparazzi?

The plot of the movie is okay by Nollywood standards, the cast deliver lines that an avid watcher of Nollywood movies would find funny. Nothing out of the box about the movie, it gets at the very best a movie rating of 4/10 even by Nollywood standards.

The story line should have been more captivating, but the script is just average with too many cliches. The friend and the driver figured out they were staring at a doppelganger at first glance but the mother couldn’t? She couldn’t recognize her own daughter despite that she was speaking in a completely different accent and looked different. Then there’s the appearance by IK Ognonna that feels more like a cameo. Unless you’re really into Nollywood movies, you might be disappointed by this movie.

I am Nazzy was first released to cinemas on April 1 and boast of Nollywood stars including Jidekene Achufusi, Jimmy Odukoya, Denrele Edun, IK Ogbonna, and Ada Jesus among others.

How to watch ‘I Am Nazzy’ at the cinema

The movie will be showing in cinema chains across Nigeria. Movie ticket price at Viva cinema is N1500 per adult during the week and N2000 at the weekend and N1000 for popcorn with another N250 for drinks. You’ll need N3250 per adult to watch this movie at Viva cinema chain across the country, the price shouldn’t be far off at other cinema chains too. If you’ll like something extra you can watch it at the VIP section of Genesis cinemas starting at N7000 per adult. At Silverbird Cinemas, the price is N3000 with popcorn and drink inclusive.

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