Top 5 lowest paid players in the English Premier League 2022

The English Premier League is no doubt one of the most lucrative soccer leagues in the world with top players rewarded handsomely for plying their trade in such an elite league.

Soccerstars are generally overpaid, and the top one percent of stars in the English Premier League, the likes of Kevin De Bruyn and Mohammed Salah are some of the best paid sportsmen in the world, earning well over £300,000 per week. 

On the other end of the spectrum however, there are players who start regularly for their clubs, and barely make the minimum wage.

According to Spotrac, Bournemouth star Zemura is on a weekly wage of just £385. Whereas Kevin De Bruyne, who is currently the highest paid player in the league, takes home a reported £400,000 per week.

Here are the top 5 lowest paid players starting in the Premier League in 2023;

5. Moisés Caicedo – Brighton and Hove Albion, £3,500 per week

Caicedo is a 21 year old Euadorian midfielder who is a regular in the Brighton squad. He has so far started 15 Premier League games out of the first 17 games and scored one goal for his club.

4. Brennan Johnson – Nottingham Forest, £2,308 per week

The 21 year old Forrest attacker has played in every one of his club’s 16 Premier League games in 2022, starting 14 and coming on as a substitute on two occasions. He has so far managed to score two goals.

Brennan Johnson

3. Sam Greenwood – Leeds United, £1,342 per week

20 year old Sam Greenwood plays for Leeds United as a forward. He registered an appearance for Leeds in the Premier League 6 times in 2022 coming off the bench on five occasions and scored just one goal.

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2. Jaidon Anthony – Bournemouth, £769 per week

The 23 year old attacker registered 11 appearance for Bournemouth, coming off the bench on 10 occasions in 2022 and managed to score two goals.

1. Jordan Zemura – Bournemouth, £385 per week

Jordan Zemura is the lowest paid player in the English Premier League in 2022 despite being a regular starter for his club. The Zimbabwean defender has registered 12 appearances for his club in 2022.

Jordan Zemura

Factors that determine a player’s wages

Footballers’ take home pay is on a spectrum, and several factors can determine where a player lands on that spectrum. Some of the factors that affects a player’s salary include;

Age: younger players without experience tend to get paid less. As they grow and rack up experience from playing time, their salaries also tend to increase.

Club: players in less successful clubs tend to play less games compared to the big clubs that go far in competitions and even play in continental championships. The more games a club can play, the more money it earns which in turn affects how much it can pay its players.

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