Ottochain Airdrop: A Game-Changer for Africa

Ottochain, the pioneering consumer chain launched by Octopus Network, is gearing up to host the biggest airdrop in 2023. This monumental event isn’t just any typical airdrop; it’s a grand wealth-sharing initiative.

With a staggering 50% of total tokens up for grabs, 17% would be made available to the general web3 community all over the world. What’s even more exciting is the focus on welcoming participants from Africa to be a part of this revolution.

Empowering the African Crypto Community

Africa has been a rising star in the world of cryptocurrency, with a growing interest in blockchain technology and digital assets. The Ottochain airdrop presents an incredible opportunity for individuals and crypto enthusiasts across the African continent to participate and claim their share of this thriving ecosystem.

The Airdrop Allocation Breakdown: Your Share Awaits

The airdrop allocation is meticulously planned to ensure inclusivity and accessibility.

Community (17%)

5% is earmarked for individual wallets that actively engage in the testnet and marketing activities via Zealy, making it easier for African participants to be a part of this exciting journey.

5% will benefit the top 10 decentralized applications (dApps) through the Ottochain Builders Program, offering African developers a chance to shine.

3% is dedicated to holders of NearOcto Legends NFT, a collection that signifies unity among different races to build the future of Web3.

1% is allocated to key opinion leaders (KOLs) and marketing partners, creating opportunities for collaborations with African influencers.

1% is reserved for community partners and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that are actively shaping the blockchain landscape in Africa.

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1% is dedicated to early partner incubator hubs and startups keen on building on Ottochain before its launch.

1% will be airdropped to liquidity providers in selected pairs, fostering liquidity pools with a global perspective, including Africa.

Other Partners (2%)

The percentage allocation for EVM partners, wallets, and exchanges

To learn more about how the remaining 50% will be shared, read through this Medium post 

Don’t Miss Out: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

This airdrop isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a life-changing chance to claim your share of these burgeoning ecosystems. It’s an invitation to the African crypto community to take a front seat in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The potential here is immense, and the time is now.

Save the Date: Mainnet Launch on December 17, 2023

To make this opportunity even more exciting, the mainnet launch is right around the corner. On December 17, 2023, these ecosystems will usher in a new era of interconnected blockchain technology. Africa’s participation is crucial to this collective journey.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the future; visit for more information and updates. You can also follow them on Twitter via @ottochain_ for the latest news and updates.

It’s not just an airdrop; it’s a movement. The biggest Cosmos, Near, and EVM ecosystem airdrop ever is here. Will you claim your share?

Ottochain has recently introduced its NFT collection on Polygon called NearOcto Legends. This collection symbolizes unity among different races coming together as a single community to shape the future of Web3. As demonstrated by the airdrop distribution, 3% of $OTTO tokens are set aside for holders of this NFT. Additionally, discussions are underway to explore further use cases, promising even more opportunities for NFT holders.

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For more information about the NFT Collection, visit

To participate in the biggest airdrop of 2023, visit this link

To understand $OTTO tokenomics and vesting periods, refer to this document.

Or you can head directly to their Zealy dashboard to start accumulating points. Remember,  the more you earn, the greater your airdrop allocation 

Africa, the opportunity is knocking; it’s time to be a part of the biggest airdrop in 2023 and shape the future of blockchain.

For more information, you can reach out to the team on Discord:

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