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SwiftKash Loan App: APK Download, Customer Care Number

SwiftKash loan app is an instant personal loan lending platform for salaried and unsalaried individuals. Driven by
Altracred Finance Investment Limited SwiftKash offers a personal loan through smartphone within 10 minutes with minimal documentation. Personal loan amount from NGN 5,000 to NGN 600,000 can be availed starting from 10% monthly interest rate depending on your credit history. 

SwiftKash Eligibility Criteria

An applicant needs to fulfil the following criteria to get a personal loan through SwiftKash:

  • Should be a Nigerian resident
  • Should be aged between 21 years and 56 years
  • Should have a regular source of income
  • Should have a bank account

Features and benefits of SwiftKash Personal Loan

  • You don’t need to have a credit history to get a personal loan from SwiftKash. The loan amount is offered based on a customer’s risk profile. 
  • The entire loan process is paperless and digital through your mobile. 
  • You can apply and access loans at any time from anywhere.
  • Loan application is reviewed in just 30 minutes, and once approved, the loan amount is deposited to your bank account directly in 5 minutes.
  • Services are available across Nigeria. 
  • With a good credit score, the eligible loan amount gradually increases.
  • Repay the loan through a variety of convenient repayment methods.

How to download SwiftKash loan app

Download the Swiftkash App from the App Store.

• Create an account with your phone number to receive OTP.

• Choose the product for which you want to apply.

• Fill out the application correctly, then submit it.

• Receive Profile Approval

• Have your loan disbursed into your bank account

What other customers are saying about SwiftKash loan app

goodsoul44 wrote, “I recently used Swiftkash to apply for a personal loan and I have to say that my experience was extremely disappointing. The app seemed user-friendly at first glance, but as I progressed through the loan application process, I encountered several issues. Firstly, the app was incredibly slow and unresponsive, which made the application process frustrating and time-consuming. Additionally, the app required me to input a lot of personal information upfront, but didn’t provide any clear guidance on why this information was necessary or how it would be used. I felt uncomfortable giving away so much information without understanding the rationale behind it. Moreover, the loan terms and interest rates offered by the app were extremely high compared to other lenders in the market. I felt like I was being taken advantage of, and ultimately decided not to proceed with my loan application. Lastly, I had several questions and concerns about the loan process, but the customer support provided by the app was not helpful at all. The representatives were dismissive and seemed uninterested in addressing my concerns, which was extremely frustrating and unprofessional. Overall, I would not recommend swiftkash to anyone looking for a personal loan. The app’s slow performance, high interest rates, and unhelpful customer support made for a frustrating and unsatisfactory experience.”

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Jubs11567 wrote, “Before I begin, please if you’re new to this app don’t take any loan from them. When I heard people complain about the people being rude, I didn’t believe it cause I know people in this line of work should be thought basic customer service etiquette. Today I just experienced it, the loan I took got due yesterday and I had even explained to people who reached out to me on WhatsApp on why I had not made repayment yet. This is not the first time I’m taking money out of this app and I always repay on time no matter what cause I hate being in debt, but due to uncontrollable circumstances I couldn’t do this early this time. But the girl called me without even trying to listen to me and started raining insults on me, that I am jobless, stupid, a mad person, at my age I’m going round borrowing money with no husband or boyfriend, she said a lot and I kept my cool and just said I’ll make my repayment. I don’t know who you guys hire but never again, Swiftkash I’ll make my repayments no need for the harassments but never again in my life will I let this kind of stupid situation occur.”

temidupe 12556 wrote, “The only problem I have with this app is the interest rate and you’re expected to pay back within 14 days,I borrowed 48k and you want me to pay 68k within just 14 days,the interest is too much for just 14 days nah…..over 20k interest

I understand you guys are trying to help people,but pls be more considerate,kindly do something about it to gain people’s love and more customers,this isn’t favoring your users at all

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Reduce the interest or increase the repayment days, please you guys should do something about it if not your app is useless and even causing people to loss money.”

SwiftKash loan Customer Care

You can contact SwiftKash on different touchpoints mentioned below:


Is SwiftKash loan app legit?

Swiftkash is a legit loan app that provides Nigerians with short term personal loans for emergency use. Do not use a short term loan to fund your lifestyle, they are very expensive and should only be used for emergencies.

How will I receive the loan?

When you apply for the loan, swiftKash requires you to provide your account number and verifies it. After you sign the loan agreement, the loan amount is transferred to your bank account within minutes.

Which cities does SwiftKash operate in?

SwiftKash is available in all cities in Nigeria.

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