How to register and play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Rebirth

The popular TV game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is back with a rebirth show since it was abruptly ended in 2014.

Up until then, the show was a massive hit on Nigerian TV for years broadcasting every Friday night at 8pm before it added a second Sunday show to become a biweekly TV game show.

The show’s host, Frank Edoho made the rebirth announcement on Twitter in a tweet that has since gone viral among many Nigerians who have been patiently waiting for the show.

WWTBAM in it’s old format features 15 questions arranged in order of increased difficulty, participants win increasing amounts from #5,000 to #10 million with guaranteed levels at questions 5 and 10. Should a participant get a question wrong, they loose all their winnings and go back to the previous guaranteed level. Participants also get 3 ‘lifelines’ to help them along the way. ‘Ask the audience’ where participants on the hot seat get to ask studio audience to help answer a question, ’50/50′ where two random options are deleted leaving the correct answer and one random wrong answer, and ‘phone a friend’ where participants get to call one of the five phone numbers they’ve earlier provided to answer the question for them.

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For 13 years, WWTBAM allowed Nigerians to demonstrate knowledge on TV and win lots of money. And in that time only one participant was able to answer all 15 questions and won the grand price of #10 million. Now with the Rebirth, a lot of Nigerians will be brushing up on their general knowledge in hope that they might win big one day.

How to register for WWTBAM and participate

This edition is sponsored by Payattitude. Dial *569# or *7006*20# to get started.

The jackpot for this edition is a #20 million weekly grand price.

The exact format and broadcast date is yet to be announced but players can begin to participate in the home play by dialing *569# on all networks.

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